9 Pink Outfits for Men from Casual to Formal


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Updated May 28, 2024

Pink outfits for menPin
Get inspired by various pink outfits for men.

Men’s pink outfits have become a bold expression in modern fashion, embraced by the style-conscious for their versatility and flair. The spectrum of pink, from soft pastels to vibrant shades, offers endless possibilities for creating unique and stylish ensembles.

Pink Outfits for Men

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Make a bold monochromatic statement with an all-pink outfit. Photo: Shutterstock

Whether aiming for a sophisticated look at a formal event or injecting color into a casual outfit, pink seamlessly adapts to various occasions and styles.

Pink Jeans & White T-Shirt

Pink jeans white t-shirt outfitPin
Pink jeans and a white T-shirt create a fresh, casual ensemble. Photo: Levi’s

Elevate your everyday style with pink jeans and a classic white tee. The minimalist top lets the bold denim take center stage.

Add white sneakers for a casual, chic look for running errands or casual outings.

Pink Bomber Jacket & Hoodie

Pink bomber hoodie outfitPin
A pink bomber jacket layered over a hoodie creates a contemporary look. Photo: H&M

Create a monochromatic look by pairing a pink bomber jacket with a light pink hoodie for subtle shade variation. Alternatively, pair it with a light grey hoodie for a neutral contrast.

Combine with black trousers and shoes for a bold, comfortable outfit perfect for casual outings.

Pink Polo & Chinos

Pink polo chinos outfitPin
A pink polo paired with chinos creates a vibrant and stylish outfit. Photo: Next

A pink polo shirt makes a bold statement. Pair it with chinos for a polished look that is perfect for a golf outfit yet versatile enough for casual outings.

Dark chinos contrast sharply, while khaki chinos offer a traditional alternative. Add comfortable sneakers and finish with a cap or sunglasses to complete your look.

Pink T-Shirt & Drawstring Shorts

Pink t-shirt drawstring shorts outfitPin
For a laid-back summer vibe, pair a pink t-shirt with drawstring shorts. Photo: Abercrombie & Fitch

Pair a soft, dusty pink T-shirt with beige or white drawstring shorts for warm weather. The relaxed fit and subtle color palette ensure a cool, sophisticated look.

Add slip-on shoes or sandals and a simple accessory like a bracelet or watch. This versatile ensemble is perfect for a beach day or casual city outing, making it a summer wardrobe must-have.

Pink Dress Shirt & Black Trousers

A pink dress shirt paired with black trousers creates a polished look.Pin
A pink dress shirt paired with black trousers creates a polished look. Photo: Banana Republic

A pink dress shirt is versatile to any wardrobe, providing a fresh take on classic office attire. Pair it with tailored black trousers to create a sharp and professional appearance.

The contrast between the soft pink shirt and the dark trousers adds visual interest while maintaining a sophisticated balance. Black leather loafers complete the outfit. Consider accessorizing with a sleek black belt and a minimalist watch for a more refined touch.

Pink Hoodie & Oxford Shirt

Pink hoodie Oxford shirt carpenter pants outfitPin
Achieve a stylishly casual look by pairing a pink hoodie with carpenter pants and an Oxford shirt. Photo: Ralph Lauren

A soft pink hoodie with a striped Oxford shirt perfectly balances casual and refined. You can choose a classic blue Oxford shirt for a traditional contrast or white to keep the look clean and minimalist.

Complement these pieces with relaxed-fit carpenter pants. Shades like olive green, beige, or grey offer versatile options that work well with pink.

Pink Suit

Pink suit BonobosPin
A pink suit is ideal for making a stylish statement at spring and summer weddings. Photo: Bonobos

Make a statement with a bold pink suit softened with a pastel shade for a seasonal look. Pair with a crisp white dress shirt and navy blue tie for a classic contrast.

Ground the outfit with brown dress shoes. This stylish combination is perfect for spring and summer weddings, exuding confidence and joy.

Pink Shorts & Sweater

Pink shorts sweater outfitPin
Create a balanced look with pink shorts and a sweater for those cooler summer days. Photo: Todd Snyder

Pairing pastel pink shorts with a light sweater is an excellent way to stay stylish when temperatures drop slightly. Choose shorts in a soft, breathable fabric like linen to maintain a relaxed fit.

A sweater in a complementary color, such as a muted red or coral, adds warmth without overwhelming the outfit. This look is perfect for casual outings or seaside strolls.

Pink Sports Coat & Polo Shirt

Pink Sport Coat Polo Shirt Seersucker Pants Kenneth Cole Reaction MacysPin
A pink sports coat paired with a white polo shirt creates a refined yet casual look. Photo: Macy’s

Pair a pink sports coat with a crisp white polo shirt to create a sophisticated outfit. Choose light-colored trousers like beige or white, or add texture with seersucker pants.

This combo is ideal for smart-casual events or daytime outings. Complete the look with brown loafers and minimal accessories.

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